As of December 1st, 2009, the FTC requires that all bloggers disclose whenever there could be any type of hidden interests or unspoken biases related to product recommendations.

Running a website costs time and money. In order to continue to provide good content on a regular basis, free of charge to the reader from time to time we will feature products and/or services that may be of benefit to you.

If you choose to invest in said products or services, we will be paid a commission from the producer of the product. It’s essentially advertising in reverse. Instead of paying for advertising on this site, companies only pay if a reader decides to invest in the product.

Rest assured that we will only mention and/or link to products or services that we completely endorse and support, including our own products from Results Fitness. For what it’s worth, we never insert affiliate links for the sole reason of earning a commission. If we link to an online retailer it’s because we legitimately believe their product can benefit our readers. Earned commissions go toward supporting this site.

Obviously we will also make money if you invest in any of our products or services, including the books listed that are from amazon.com. While we are sure that you are aware of this, FTC regulations require that we disclose this also.



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