Outside of sports I don’t watch much TV. I’m still bitter about my near fanatical devotion to ABC’s Lost (I tuned in every. single. week. For that finale? Don’t get me started…)

But I am a big fan of CNBC’s “The Profit”. For those of you who haven’t seen it – The Profit is a show about Marcus Lemonis – an entrepreneur who steps in to save small businesses that are about to go under and turns them around, firstly by investing money in the company (that solves some of the short term problems) and becoming a partner, and secondly by focusing on everything within the business that he can improve. Typically these businesses need more than just financial help.

I think that’s why I enjoy the show as it’s what we’ve set out to do with Results Fitness University  and our coaching group.

The three key areas that Marcus feels are key for any small business success are people, process and product. Really simple, but actually really important.

Let’s take a look as how this applies to the fitness business


1) People

Who are you ? Who are your staff? Are you/they trained to deliver the service that your clients deserve?

Marcus describes this as the “Wild card” of business. you can have an excellent product and great processes but the people are always the hardest to “fix”.

Think about it – it doesn’t matter if you have a fantastic product and excellent processes, if you hate the people because they are rude or whatever, then you aren’t going to be buying from that business.

And the reverse is also true. If you absolutely love the people at a business – then you’re excited to spend time there. Think of a local restaurant or bar where the product is average but the people are awesome. Now think of when the product is awesome but the people are awful. You’ll definitely spend more money at the former.

One of our sayings at RFU is “hire slow, fire fast”. A poor hire can cost you a lot of money.

Although all three areas are important, Marcus will help businesses that only have two of the three, as long as one of those two is people. The right people are at the core of every business.

But even more importantly might be making sure you have the right people in the right roles. 
You can have the right people in the wrong positions.

At RFU we call that – “finding their sweet spot”

Side note – in the last two shows I’ve watched, Marcus has walked away from the deal because of the people involved, both with excellent products that he believed in, and companies that were making money. The people were literally a deal breaker for him.

2) Process

Think of this as two things: First – the complete client experience. From first seeing your ad to renewing after the first pack of sessions/month/year.

Take the time to go through the process as a client would. What are all the points of contact in your business from their first contact? What’s your follow up sequence feel like from the member point of view?
Is it easy to make an appointment? Reschedule one?

What does a training session feel like from a beginners point of view?

Secondly – what is the business process? 
How are contracts delivered?
How are your services delivered?
How is money collected?

What percentage of your budget goes to rent? Payroll?
Professional development?
How many seminars do you go to each year? How many books/courses do you take? (Hint – “whatever is coming up” means you’re freestyling your business. Freestyling being another word for ‘winging it’ in this case)

How does the client to member experience work from a business point of view?
What is your lead acquisition cost?
What is the lifetime value of a customer?
What is the timeline for conversion from lead to prospect to client?

How are your programs delivered? What is your trainer to coach ratio? How often do the programs get changed?
How many exercises are in your database? Do you have hundreds? Thousands? Or do you believe, as Mark Verstegen once told me, “simple exercises coached savagely well”? 

3) Product

This is where most of us in fitness are strongest. We know we can write great programs and deliver powerful workouts. 

But think of where can we improve? Periodization? The integration of mobility work into the programming? Intensity? Group dynamics?

Now think about everything that goes into your product? 

Who is this for?
Who is this not for?
What is your membership demographic?
Their income?
What percentage of their annual household income are they willing to commit to you and your services?

Lastly – is your product sustainable? I don’t need to remind people of the change in home entertainment. Netflix destroyed Blockbuster and showed that to the world. I can’t remember the last time I watched a movie on DVD. It was only sixteen years ago that I moved to California and you were able to rent VHS tapes at Blockbuster.

For fitness – are you still only offering one type of delivery system? i.e one-on-one training or bootcamps? People want different things.

Think back to early 2010. You most probably had a smartphone. And you most probably had a desktop computer and a laptop. What you didn’t have was a tablet…

The iPad was launched April 2010. It was a bigger version of an iPhone at some level – only it couldn’t make calls. And it was a smaller, less powerful version of a laptop. Basically something in between that no one had really asked for or thought they needed.

By April 2015 there have been over 250 million sales of iPads. That doesn’t count all the other tablet versions from other companies.
Apple were able to see a gap in the market the same way Netflix did.

Think about your product in the same way. Is there a gap? Is there something that “no one has really asked for or thought they needed” that you could capitalize on and change the game?

That’s my breakdown of the show and Marcus Lemonis philosophy. Your homework is to watch a few episodes of the show and start understanding the mindset of a successful entrepreneur.

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This time of year, every year I reflect, I am grateful & I celebrate! Why? This past weekend was my 9th Stem Cell Birthday! What does that mean? 

After being diagnosed with cancer for the second time and undergoing a stem cell transplant the day they give you the new stem cells they consider your new re-birthday! Being given this second chance in life every single day I’m thankful and want to make the most of what my purpose is in life.  

As I reflect this week, one of the most rewarding things I do is coach Fitness Professionals to reach their potential and join our mission to change the way fitness is done. 

What better way to celebrate my 9th Re-birthday than to open up a special opportunity to 10 action oriented, success minded fitness professionals who want to make the most of what they have to offer the world. 

FitBiz 180 will be a powerful, one-day, closed-door mastermind session with Rachel & myself with 10 select fitness entrepreneurs who wish to receive our focused attention and feedback on their individual businesses.

You read that right- only 10 people! We will have time to really dig deep into each person’s business, really get to know you and identify your brakes that we will release to start your momentum to achieve more than you ever thought possible. No topic is off limits. I’ll talk business strategy, building your team, marketing, sales, training, programming, you name it we’ll talk about it! 

Normally, our masterminds are exclusive only to our coaching group who invest up to $14,977.00 per year each in order to attend. 

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This is for those of you interested in receiving personal mentoring from us.
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Who is this not for? 

If you feel like you’ll get there by just working hard instead of working RIGHT…

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If you are a whiner, moaner, complainer or you blame outside circumstances for your lack of results…

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What it’s like to be reborn
By Vickie Girard

We cancer patients receive a unique gift. Yes, we know what it’s like to come too close to death, but we also know what it’s like to be reborn. I remember vividly the day I stepped outside the hospital -released at last from weeks of undergoing a bone marrow transplant. Oh, if that wonderful rush of the senses could be bottled, it would be worth a thousand times its weight in gold.

It was a beautiful summer day, but beautiful is inadequate. The colors that day were turned up, as if I had been seeing with poor reception before. The scents in the air were almost overpowering. I could smell fresh-cut grass, growing flowers, traffic, food – I could smell the time of day. Morning smells different than evening or midday.

The sounds rushed at me. Voices, no longer filtered or contained by hospital walls, had a different ring outside. I heard a dog bark, a horn honk, a child yell, shoes hitting pavement, and multiple conversations going on all around me. And the feeling- there was a slight breeze and I could feel my skin. It was almost as if the air itself had texture as it touched my face and arms. The sun, it warmed me from the outside in. Even walking felt different than it had in hospital corridors.

Had the world always been like this, this alive? I vowed to always look at life this way, to never forget this moment.

Nine years ago today at 10am, I was hooked up to IV bags with tubes (connected to my heart)  hanging out of my chest.

I was on the tenth floor of the UCLA medical center having just finished my last week of intensive chemotherapy that brought my blood count close to zero. I was there being treated for cancer – stage IV-B. That’s as bad as it gets. There is no stage V…

At 10am the medical team performed a bone marrow/stem cell transplant.

They call it “Day Zero” – the day you are literally “reborn” from a cellular level. They call it your “re-birth” day — and even give you a cake. (I didn’t eat the cake. Too nauseous from the chemotherapy still :) ).

Today is  “Day 3287” — my “rebirthday”. My reborn cells have turned eight years old.

The five year mark is a big day for cancer survivors, so nine years feels really special.

It’s been quite a journey. I was back exercising about a month after the transplant (I was discharged just over one week after the transplant which at the time was the fastest recovery in UCLA history).

Until the last couple of years I still had a hard time with energy levels — and the struggle back to fitness has been challenging a lot of the time. I’m not complaining though, it is an enormous privilege to be able to even exercise at all after my diagnosis. It can get depressing at times, but only for a second — as the alternative is much worse :)

I’m now aware every day of how amazing life is.

I don’t know why I was given these extra days on this planet. But I can assure you that I recognize each one of them as a gift and I don’t take any of it for granted. And I don’t take any of you for granted who have cared enough to read my writings, or come to my seminars.

As cancer survivor Lance Armstrong says:

“I take nothing for granted now. I only have good days and great days”

I can relate completely. For me, the glass will always be half full from now on. People who have had cancer or other illnesses understand that you don’t have all the time in the world….

Thank you all for joining me on my journey over the last seven years. It had it’s ups and downs and up’s again — and it has been both challenging and grueling at times. But it’s also been amazing.

Thanks again.  Today is a special day for me.



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