One of our coaching members pulled us aside at the last mastermind to interview us and asked some great questions. As one of our insiders they wanted to know the “stuff behind the stuff” asking questions beyond the usual interviews we’ve done. We thought we’d share a few of the questions and answers with you…

Seriously, what was your big turning point?

For us one of our biggest turning points was when we were working long hours, trying to make ends meet barely covering our overhead and had our first employee working for us as an independent contractor (mistake). She was making really good money (actually she was taking home more than we were making combined!) and was able to buy herself a brand new car with the money she earned from our company. Meanwhile we were sharing a used Dodge Shadow that our parents gave us that they bought at an auction for $1000. Seeing her drive up in her brand new car, calling us out to see the awesome sound system, we both knew something was not working. It wasn’t her fault, it was our fault. We just didn’t have the right system or recipe to follow…yet.

At that point, we knew we had to seek out experts, people who are better than us at running a business. By finding someone who has already been there done that and is most importantly – still doing it today – we could follow in their footsteps to fast track our business and career. This was the start of us seeking out people who could coach us, teach us, mentor us and help us to turn around our business for long term success. We have never looked back since – we have been to seminar after seminar, hired coaches and spent time with business owners further along than we were, asking questions to people we meet such as Richard Branson and Tony Hseih, along with attending mentorships at places like Zappos to learn from other business models.

What’s the biggest mistake you see other trainers make when they open their gyms?

They don’t ask for help sooner. When you’re on your own it’s not as if you can call up “Corporate” and ask for help on a challenge you’re having.

We’ve even seen a number of trainers who try to figure out what we’re doing from afar and try to copy it and tweak it to make it their own without actually coming to one of our events and learning directly from us. They’ll say things like “we do exactly what you guys do at Results Fitness” – despite never having come out to see us or our facility.
The crazy part is – when you come to one of our events – we’re an open book – it is so much faster than trying to figure it out on your own. We share everything at our events, and with our coaching group so you don’t have to figure it out on your own.

I think there is a pride thing that they think they can do it on their own but having a coach and the support of a team is so powerful. It can be very lonely as a solo entrepreuner. Having someone who knows more than you do, to bounce ideas off of and keep you focused is key to fast tracking your success in business along with being a part of a mastermind group.

What lessons have you learned since opening your gym?

Some of the lessons we’ve learned include:

1) being legendary at one thing rather than trying to be a jack of all trades,
2) pay yourself first was a big lesson we learned and one we continually see new fit biz owners learn the hard way. Your business will make exactly what you demand it makes so you have to demand it supports you and your family first and foremost.
3) And one of the biggest lessons is to continually invest in yourself. We are constantly seeking out knowledge to land on our next big idea. It only takes one game changing idea in business.

Why are you going so big with your next Results Fitness University event? Joe Theismann!?!? Wow!

Our mission is to change the way fitness is done and we had never put on a big event. Having a keynote like Joe Theismann takes our event to the next level along with one of our business coaches James Malinchak (he’s our speaking coach).

We want to help more trainers and thought by doing an event like this we could attract more than ever and truly change the way fitness is done! It’s going to be an incredible event! We’re excited to have all of our VIP coaching members there too! The event is almost sold out,

Dedicated to your success,

Alwyn & Rachel Cosgrove

P.S. We still have 3 spots left at our upcoming event,!

Complete Program Design

My buddy Robert’s newest home study course drops tomorrow so I decided to sit down with him and get the info from the man himself (yes I am the only person who calls him Robert, and yes I said “drops”)

AC: So Robert I have known you for a long time now but can you give my readers your background in case we’ve got some new readers?

DOS: Sure! Well, I have been involved in strength and conditioning for almost 27 years now. The vast majority has been with college student-athletes. I have been named the NSCA collegiate strength coach of the year (2006), I have written 2 best-selling books (Men’s Health Power Training and Cardio Strength Training), and I am a NIKE Pro  Trainer and consultant.

AC: So tell me about “Complete Program Design” – what is it and why is so unique?

DOS: I am so excited about CPD, it’s a training program built on years and years of research in my real-life lab with hundreds and hundreds of subjects….my weight room and my athletes! When I wrote MH Power Training I outlined the ‘plug and play’ system I have used for years. 10 years later we have CPD, a program built on the same philosophy but with much more extensive exercise menus and even more efficient and effective training templates. I feel like I have taken the guessing game out of writing programs and created a near-foolproof training program

AC: What would you say is the best part of CPD?

DOS: Without a doubt it’s the interactive workout cards. These cards work on virtually all platforms and make creating programs as simple as can be. Just choose your format, choose your exercises from the pull-down menus, and BOOM – your workouts are ready to go!

AC: You have been training for a long time, what so you see as the most common mistakes trainers and coaches make when they design programs?

DOS: I think I see a couple of common mistakes. I see many trainers trying to get too tricky and other trainers that tend to be too random. I always say that while designing programs is indeed a science, it’s not rocket science! Programs should be based on essential movement patterns, should address all planes of movement, and should follow a well-balanced format. I often see programs with far too much volume, too much emphasis on particular movement patterns, and programs that don’t seem to have any rhyme or reason. Once you grasp the concept of CPD, you will never need to look for another training program.

AC: I’ve seen programs out there that have 10-12 completely different exercises in a big circuit, tying up 12 totally different pieces of equipment for 3-4 circuits.
I have my own very equipped gym, AND a home gym. Even if I was the only person training in the gym, these programs are just logistically really difficult to do.
What’s your take on this type of ‘workout setup’? Why do you think we see so much of this out there?

DOS: Yeah I see this stuff all the time – I like to call them “whiteboard workouts”. These are generally off the cuff exercises that have little rhyme or reason, couple this with the logistics of having available equipment, moving from one exercise to another and you generally get an overall sloppy-fest that may result in sweat and anguish but not a real effective training session. In CPD I talk about creating circuits but even then THERE ARE SOME RULES we need to follow.

A lot of ‘rule breakers’ and ‘outside the box’ trainers who don’t really know the rules and have no idea what’s actually inside the box.

AC: What was the last workout you personally did?

DOS: Haha! That’s actually a great question. It was a 25-minute Density Training session where I really focused on some heavy loads while trying to complete as much work in a fixed period of time. This is also a workout format I talk about and cover in CPD. I think it’s probably the most effective strength and fitness developer for most folks. I think the new flavor is to try to accomplish all your fitness needs via bodyweight training and this has resulted in folks simply not moving enough loads.

AC: Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions, I know people are going to FLIP
for Complete Program Design. I have always appreciated your methodology. These are
real world programs “battle tested” with real people in real gyms” and I think people will
really benefit from this product!

DOS: Thanks Alwyn, my pleasure…you know how much I respect you and your opinion.


PS – you can pick up Robert’s latest work one day early by clicking HERE


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“…in an information-rich world, the wealth of information means a dearth of something else: a scarcity of whatever it is that information consumes. What information consumes is rather obvious: it consumes the attention of its recipients. Hence a wealth of information creates a poverty of attention and a need to allocate that attention efficiently among the overabundance of information sources that might consume it” – Herbert Simon

We truly live in the information age. A simple Google search for a term that was relatively unknown fifteen years ago – for example “Brazilian jiu jitsu”, will return at the time of writing, over FIVE million web pages devoted to the topic. With the rapid growth of information, one can imagine that this number will double in less time than it’s taken to reach this amount.

Quite simply – there is more information on any topic available today than ever before – in fact, more information than you can possibly consume in a lifetime devoted to study. It’s just growing that fast.

The problem today Is not a lack of information – it’s a lack of filtering that information.

So how do you filter information? At this point there is so much information available — that you NEED to filter out as much as you take on board.

My personal filter is to heavily prioritize information that comes from “Real World” Practitioners whose livelihood depends upon delivering results or solving problems (and I’m a fanatic for proof).

It’s that simple. I put my faith in real world results.
And that’s why I put my faith in Robert Dos Remedios.

With a proven track record, Coach Dos has more subjects come through his laboratory (the weight room and the field), giving him more real world information than you can find almost anywhere.

He creates and coaches some of the finest athletes the JC scene has ever seen.

He coaches one of the fastest 400m sprinters in the World.

He’s a former NSCA collegiate strength coach of the year.

He has two best selling Rodale books on fitness training.

He is a regular contributor to Mens Health magazine.

He’s a speaker on the Perform Better circuit.

He’s a Nike Performance Advisory board member.

Those accolades don’t happen by accident.

Coach Dos is an expert at what he does not because he is a high profile coach that high level athletic talent seeks out to help refine their already considerable skills – no. That’s NOT what happens. Dos is an expert because he works with real people in the real world, hundreds of times every single day.

The topic of cardio strength training is as cutting edge as it gets. It’s now proven in the scientific realm that strength training or interval training both outperform aerobic training for conditioning and fat loss.

It’s something that great coaches have known for years. They had to. Their job – their teams record and their kids futures and scholarships depended on it.

What science hasn’t proven yet is that a strength training-interval training hybrid outperforms both strength and interval training.

It’s something that Coach Dos knows. He has to.

And now – for the first time –  (before this is released to the public) – you can get exclusive early VIP access to Coach Dos and his training methodology through his newest home study course – Complete Program Design

=> Welcome toDos’s World.

Wait for the researchers to catch up….


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